Small readings – God and Religion

Here is something I read recently and wanted to share with my readers. This is about ‘God and Religion’:

                Every religion looks for God and they look far and wide, but every man should know that God is omnipresent and resides in the very heart of man.

                Truly, there is only one religion, the religion of love, but on earth there are many religions, all of which lead along the same path to the ultimate, omnipresent God.

                Call God by any name for all names belong to God. Pray to God in any form and you prayers will reach the omnipresent Lord, provided only that the prayer comes from the heart.

                God is the eternal witness and you are the children of that living God. He is here, He is there, He is everywhere, for God is omnipresent, always has been, always will be.

                The path of the soul is long and arduous, for man has lost his way and forgotten his real identity and his relationship with God. But man himself is divine; a spark of the omnipresent God and it is through the kindling of that spark that man can become re-awakened to the truth and his own divinity with, the true nature of his being. Man is part of the whole and that whole is God. In truth, all is God, simple different manifestations.

                Now is the time of great awakening and an opportunity for man to know himself and to re-establish his true relationship with God.

                Every religion teaches you to love one another and you should remember that love is the greatest force in the universe. God is love in its highest form and man should strive to let that love manifest itself in his own life at all times. Love one another and recognize the God dwelling in the heart of every living being. When man recognizes the omnipresent God in everyone, friend and foe, only then will peace return to the earth. The time of awakening is now and all thoughts of differences must be put behind you.

                They say all roads lead to Rome, but it is more suitable to say that all roads lead to God. Every religion is a different pathway to the same destination.

                All religions are really one and love is the motivating force behind them all. Love is God, and God is love. Learn to love one another, then you will find an inner piece which will spread to others and help to bring peace and happiness to this troubled world.

                Know at all times that God is there, watching over you, and aware of every thought that passes through your mind. Meditate on that thought and try to improve your life by living in perfect harmony with God, the God that dwells in your own heart as the silent witness.

Hope you enjoyed the read. 🙂



Small Readings – Love

Whilst my usual reading of all sorts of books, here is something that I came across on the topic of ‘Love’. I quote the whole article as such for you to ponder upon and assimilate:

                God’s love surrounds you, encompasses you, has actually created you and you are His love. Where is your love?

                Your love can only be a reflection of His love and, when that love fails to flow freely, it is only because you fail to reflect it.

                You are the mirror, an image of God, but you have allowed the mirror to become clouded and the love and light can no longer be reflected clearly.

                You must look within and find a way to cleanse that mirror; to cleanse the soul by eliminating all the negative aspects, especially the ego, anger, jealousy, greed, desire, ambition and undue concern with material matters.

                Turn instead to God, know God, re-establish your divine relationship with God and then, slowly, the mirror will be cleansed and you will be able to experience and reflect His love. A new light will shine from within and bring with it a sense of contentment and happiness which few of you have really experienced.

                Love is God and the two will always manifest themselves together.

                Be happy, be carefree, be content and know that whatever problems you may have at any time are purely transient and of no permanent consequence.

                The Lord awaits you patiently and observes the progress of man on the spiritual path. You too should watch your progress and realize that you alone can bring about the changes in your life that will lead you back to God, along the only path that will lead there, the spiritual path.

                Start the cleansing process today and put aside all negative elements that delay your progress or divert you from the true path.

Remember, the Spiritual path is not the same as the religious path..

Hope you enjoyed the read, and may it benefit you in some way. 🙂


Small Readings

I was reading a book recently and came across a small article on the topic of ‘Life without Love’. I found it to be quite nice and wanted to share it with my readers to read and ponder upon, so here it goes:

                God is with you always, even though to do not see Him. Where is He? In the very heart of each one of you .So you can feel Him, experience Him, feel His love and compassion even though you may not see Him.

                Why do you not love one another? How is it possible that there are these jealousies, even when the Lord is present in each one of you? They are there because man is full of ego, and he will not learn to control his sensual feelings and his desires for, and love of, material things and material satisfaction. How misguided is such a man. What is his real reward? Just for a short while he imagines that he has achieved something and he experiences some form of pleasure and satisfaction. But these feelings are temporary and cannot last. However, he who worships the Lord, loves the Lord, and loves and serves his fellow men, he will find a lasting reward, that is, an inner peace which leads to nirvana.

                So drop these stupid habits and attachments. Wake up and see how hollow the life is that some of you are leading. For life without love and life without God is totally empty and unfulfilling.

                Make the decision today to do something about it. It is never too late to start unless you never start. Have you started? If not, start today, in the presence of the all-pervasive and omnipresent Lord.

Trok lom