Mars – A lifeless planet

Here is something i wrote some time ago, actually a couple of years ago – when the study and exploration of Mars was the top news with NASA sending bots to explore the surface and new headlines uncertain about whether water/river remains were confirmed or not, to be published, but lost in depths of my laptop. As has happened before, I am back to rejuvenate my blog 😛 , Hope you enjoy it.


Imagine this:


Mars 3 Billion years ago. When our solar system was relatively quite young; though Mars was not in the optimal habitable zone of our Sun, it was close to it. The solar system being ‘recently’ born was quite hot and the planets viz. mercury, venus were just balls of lava and fire. The earth was far from being hospitable to life as it had not cooled down enough to support organic life. Mars on the other hand, was farther away from the sun and had thus cooled significantly more than the planets closer to our Sun.

Mars too was a ball of hot lava when it was born of cosmic dust and rocks, which heated up under the influence of their own gravitational fields and the intense heat from the Sun when it started to burn! But as time passed it cooled, till it formed a crust which was solid and developed a clear atmosphere which was not full of sulfur from the lava anymore.

More time passed, the layers of soil emerged, the elements on the planet shifted and organized better, the lava receding to the depths of the planet and its exterior started to cool. The atmosphere retained most of the heat of the planet, losing it to the colds of empty space rather slowly. This process continued for thousands of years, during which tectonic plates formed, mountains arose, plains and plateaus were formed too. Slowly, water formed, there was air and oxygen, oceans formed, and slowly, life evolved. Plants grew on the surface in bountifully. And there was beautiful life all around.

Slowly fauna also evolved, in a period of millions of years. Humans evolved, they lived, created cities, towns, buildings and all the things we have around us now. Millions of years passed, the planet kept on flourishing and progressing in science and technology. Their planet which was still cooling slowly owing to the loss of terrestrial heat and not being in the optimal hospitable zone of the Sun. But the increasing industrial revolutions and technologies, added significant greenhouse gases to the atmosphere of the planet to counteract the loss of heat and maintain the global temperatures for millions of years.

They too faced crises like us, loss of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, they shifted their technologies to become more renewable oriented. They changed their lifestyles to support the shift from fossil based energy to renewable source based energies. This resulted in something they did not worry about originally, significant lowering of global temperatures. Temperatures dropped and dropped like a clock warning them that they had to do something about it soon. With no left fossil fuels, there was no fast way to add more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. It was a crisis like never expected. The complete opposite of ‘global warming’ as we have now. And there was no simple solution to it, time was running out, temperatures dropped like never before. Temperatures worldwide dropped from a comfortable 40 degrees to -10 in the temperate regions. The equatorial regions became densely populated with live-able temperatures of 10 degrees in summers to -20 in winters.

The trend was shocking and uncontrolled. The civilization was in chaos, in panic and there was no solution in sight.

This continued for over a thousand years, slowly and slowly the temperatures dropped further. The planet started losing atmosphere too. As there was ice all around and no water reached the atmosphere to come down as rain. The loss of water vapor in the atmosphere led to loss of density of the atmosphere, and further cooling of the planet.

The drought spell lasted forever. Generations passed without rains, there were people who had never seen rain in their life. From beach-y clothes to fur and eskimo clothes was the transition. Everything was white.

Mankind slowly started dying. The population of the whole planet started declining significantly owing to all hell breaking loose. There were food shortages everywhere, there wasn’t enough stuff left to burn for heat. Soon there were countable people left alive. The end of the world had come.

Over a span of thousands of years, after the mankind, the flora, fauna everything had died, the atmosphere had become so thin that it could not retain itself. It was soon lost. Nothing remained on the planet’s surface but emptiness. The mountains still stood like before, instead of lush and full of life, they were now barren and empty; just mounds of mud. Nothing remained, except the fossils and remains of a civilization which once existed there. One just like ours, not to be destroyed by any natural calamities, nor by asteroids, but rather by the freezing cold. Who would have ever thought that the fall of their civilization would come from the cooling of their planet?

After millions, if not billions of years, life would once again touch the surface of that ROCK, when Earthlings who evolved millions of years later, when the earth cooled sufficiently would visit the planet. Let us see what stories we discover beneath the red surface of the planet MARS.

PS:  Knowing that the extinction of their planet was certain, in order to ensure the continuance of life maybe they moved to earth and seeded life here, maybe we are descendants of “Martians”, maybe they still walk among us, waiting for us to mature when they would come forth and share their glorious history with us. Food for thought ‘eh?


Pirkano oka yan


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