Small Readings

I was reading a book recently and came across a small article on the topic of ‘Life without Love’. I found it to be quite nice and wanted to share it with my readers to read and ponder upon, so here it goes:

                God is with you always, even though to do not see Him. Where is He? In the very heart of each one of you .So you can feel Him, experience Him, feel His love and compassion even though you may not see Him.

                Why do you not love one another? How is it possible that there are these jealousies, even when the Lord is present in each one of you? They are there because man is full of ego, and he will not learn to control his sensual feelings and his desires for, and love of, material things and material satisfaction. How misguided is such a man. What is his real reward? Just for a short while he imagines that he has achieved something and he experiences some form of pleasure and satisfaction. But these feelings are temporary and cannot last. However, he who worships the Lord, loves the Lord, and loves and serves his fellow men, he will find a lasting reward, that is, an inner peace which leads to nirvana.

                So drop these stupid habits and attachments. Wake up and see how hollow the life is that some of you are leading. For life without love and life without God is totally empty and unfulfilling.

                Make the decision today to do something about it. It is never too late to start unless you never start. Have you started? If not, start today, in the presence of the all-pervasive and omnipresent Lord.

Trok lom


2 thoughts on “Small Readings

  1. punittak says:

    Hey Raman, thanks for sharing this nice article.

Glad you wish to comment, Please let me know what you feel :)

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