A Quick Read

I was recently reading a book and came across the following lines talking about why the development in India has been slow, it was a book written in the 1960s, so please bear in mind that this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of progress, but it is something worth thinking about:

It is not just our country, but all countries, which are filled with animosities and petty quarrels and vendettas. Many attempts have been made to better our nation in the last decade or so, but the results have been far below expectations. For there is an absence of 3 pre requisites essential for advancement and upliftment: courage, enthusiasm and joy. The very nature around is enough to instill awe and wonder, to impart courage, to inspire enthusiasm and to fill you with joy. It is a type of false vairyagyam (sense of detachment) to close your eyes to all the beauty, all the plenty, all the mercy that you receive from Mother Nature, and to grope in sorrow, bewailing your lot. You should be thankful to the lord for the chance given to you to serve others and yourself, to observe this glory and his grace and you should look upon all as brothers and sisters. If instead, you poison your hearts with hate and revel in quarrels; well, what is the great profit you have earned thereby? Have you at least derived peace and content following that course? You have reaped only further hate and further waste.

Just a quick share and a quick read. 🙂




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