Looking Inwards

While reading a book recently, I came across some lines which give a simple analogy on how we need to focus inward to know the true and the real. We all have heard several such excerpts and analogies; we may agree with them or disagree with them, that is our opinion. I liked this small paragraph and wanted to share the same, so here it is:

                You will have observed that when your train is stationary, another train moving along another line gives you the feeling that it is your train that moves. If you watch your coach, fix your attention on your train, you know the truth. Similarly, as long as your attention is turned on ‘the other’, ‘the outer’, your knowledge is based on illusion. Once you divert the attention to yourself, you can discover the truth, viz., though world moves, you are still.

Simple, concise, and clear. 🙂

A Betot


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