I recently came across an article which talked about how to face the obstacles that we encounter in life. Don’t worry; I do not intend to give a sermon this time on how the obstacles are temporary. All of us face obstacles in life, we face obstacles every day, if not every hour; we also deal with them every day; but sometimes it so happens that some obstacle, some tragedy, some loss is so great that we sit down to weep about it. We break down, we lose our patience, we just-can’t-take-it-anymore. It happens, it happens to all of us; and it’s natural. This is a small part of the article that I wish to share here, which made me wonder at the message so few words could carry. I write articles pages long at a time, when I am in flow, I just keep on jotting down my thoughts, though I do edit them later, re-phrase, change some parts, tone down my emotions (anger, advise, etc.), make it better to read, but mostly, I do not make it concise. And that is what really appealed to me, the small size of this paragraph and yet the huge message it delivers; being frank, the whole essence of the paragraph is in the second line itself. See I cannot stop myself from mumbling about how awesome it is. 🙂 But anyway here goes:

                It is never as bad as you think at the time. Look at the traumas of the past and how they are now, all in the past. Is that not so? Soon the traumas of today will also be in the past; and all that matters is what you have learnt from the experience. So, welcome the obstacles and never fear them.

Plain, simple, and rock solid. There is the proof that all will come to pass.

We all react to obstacles in our own ways; some face them head on aggressively, some think about the most suitable way around them, some patiently find solutions, some take another route and avoid them, etc. Several other self-devised and tested methodologies exist for overcoming obstacles. We do overcome them, but most, if not all, of us do stop for a moment and take a deep breath of despair when we face them. We stop, some for a moment, some for a few minutes, some even for days, based on what the problem is, to criticize someone for placing that obstacle in our paths, mostly that someone is God. At times days pass before we finally gather the courage or will to work through that obstacle and ‘move-on’ with our lives. We do move on, we do get past these phases, we do still live. These obstacles, however they may be, big or small, from a flat tire to losing your father, we all face them in our lives, and we all move past them. It’s just that, when these obstacles confront you, that is when we break down and our lives stop for some time; for a flat tire, we look up at the sky and mumble ‘Why did this have to happen to me? Why today? Why now?’ (As if, if it happened tomorrow, we would have been happy) and get on the replace it with our spare; when it’s the loss of a loved one, it takes more time to adjust and accept.

What I wish to convey though all this blabbering is that, we know, we would get past it, our lives will continue, things have gone wrong before and we have lived them through. We will live though this too. If we can feel this way when a problem confronts us, it may not help in solving the problem, but it would definitely make it easier!

Me Keya