Small Readings – Silence

While reading a book, I came across this paragraph which very simply describes the need of meditation and prayer in our life. I liked it and wanted to share the same as a short read, so here it is:

The people who always go about in cars and planes and people of sedentary habits are advised by doctors to take a long walk every morning. The walk is called a ‘constitutional’, because it helps to build up the constitution. Similarly, to get over the mental ills consequent on too long brooding over worldly affairs, the Guru (or spiritual leader) will advise a spell of meditation and remembering the name of the Lord. Do not move so fast with the world; the cure for moving fast is to sit quiet. Do not get entangled in the vain hubbub of the world; the treatment for those who suffer from the after-effects of that is silence and meditation.

This also elaborates on the importance of once in while ‘just sitting silently’, which I encourage. It helps you to think about life, your life, how you are, what you are doing, is it what you want to do? and such similar questions. Makes you re-consider the life you are living and ponder on whether you are heading in the right direction (the direction you intended to head to).

As I always say ‘Silence is essential for thought. You can either speak or think, never both’ –Raman 🙂



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