Small Readings

Here is something I read recently; it is about how we should lead our lives in pursuit of Godliness and our walk towards the Supreme. I liked the way it presented this journey so I share it here with you to read, think about and assimilate.

                Life is like a flight of steps towards the Godhead. You have your foot on the first step when you are born; each day is a step that must be climbed; so be steady, watchful and earnest. Do not count the steps ahead or exalt over the steps behind. One step at a time and that well climbed, that is enough success to give you encouragement for the next one. Do not slide from the step you have got upon. Every step is a Victory to be cherished; everyday wasted is a defeat to be ashamed of.



4 thoughts on “Small Readings

  1. Mary Narvasa says:

    Lovey way of describing our walk with God 🙂

  2. Nandini says:

    Great small reading. Thanks for sharing.

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