Small Readings – Prayer and Meditation

This post was inspired by something I was reading recently and wanted to share. This is about how we should go about with prayer and meditation. This informed me that, prayer and meditation are not to be overdone at once and then forgotten for some time. It requires continuous rejuvenation and replenishment for prayer to become an integral part of life. Like any other thing, if you pray frequently enough and maintain a regime, a time table for prayer, you will find it to become a habit and that is necessary. Till you have to do it with conscious motivation and voluntary push, it would be a ‘chore’, something you ‘have to do’; once it becomes a habit, it would become involuntary and natural. It would not require for you to think about it, it would come to you automatically, like we get off the bed every morning and head to the bathroom to brush our teeth; we do not have to sit up and think, ‘I need to brush now’, it is the default thing we do when we wake up. Once prayer becomes a default thing, your life shall be full of prayer and ‘calmness’, for I do not know whether prayer or medication would definitely lead to Moksha but one thing I know for sure is, if you pray with your heart, truly and faithfully, you would definitely become a calm and serene person.

So here it goes:

Slow and steady – let that be your maxim! Adhere to a regular regime, a time table. Just as the doctor prescribes a certain fixed measure or weight of the drug and warns you that anything less is ineffective and anything more is harmful, so too, have some limit for your spiritual exercises. Do not overdo them or do them casually and without care. The doctors tell you also about the hour of the day and the number of times the drug has to be repeated, for the action of the quantity must be reinforced, ere it becomes weak. So also, you have to repeat the prayer, the meditation and the acts of remembering the Lord at regular intervals.

I also wrote a longer post on the same topic some time back, which can be found here.




Small Readings

Here is something I read recently; it is about how we should lead our lives in pursuit of Godliness and our walk towards the Supreme. I liked the way it presented this journey so I share it here with you to read, think about and assimilate.

                Life is like a flight of steps towards the Godhead. You have your foot on the first step when you are born; each day is a step that must be climbed; so be steady, watchful and earnest. Do not count the steps ahead or exalt over the steps behind. One step at a time and that well climbed, that is enough success to give you encouragement for the next one. Do not slide from the step you have got upon. Every step is a Victory to be cherished; everyday wasted is a defeat to be ashamed of.


God, Religions and my thoughts. Part – V

[This is a post in a long series of posts on the same topic, the ones which can be found here: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. It would be wise to read these earlier posts before reading this one so that you may get an idea of the context of this post, I know it’s a lot of reading :), but I would recommend you give it a shot, one-article-a-day, maybe.]

Now let’s move on to the preachers of religions, the teachers who interpret the religious texts for us ‘the lay and common men’. This is a very important aspect of what is understood about the religion, for this is what the masses follow and adapt to, this is what is taught to the younglings of a religious family. For example, you read the Bible, you would get thoughts like I wrote about in my previous posts; but if you ask a priest about them, he would have a radically different interpretation of the same lines which I talk about. ‘Reading between the lines’ is a big problem here. It was like, God wasn’t happy with the other challenges he bestowed upon us, viz. getting detached from this world, overcoming physical and sensory pleasures, etc. that he decided to test us even further and write a really complicated and ‘encoded’ book which was to be analyzed, read a zillion times, with meanings ranging from simple literal interpretations to mind-boggling in depth analysis of the books with ideas so different from the literal meanings that it would make you wonder!

(At this junction, I wish to point to a future article, I am to write on the inner significance of Ramayana, a pro-religion post, soon)

And to top it all, the disciples of the religion, the followers, end up even manipulating the doctrines by the preachers in a much more convoluted way to suit their needs. I shall prove this with examples.

In Hindu tradition, people have a tendency to ‘fast’, this is a token of penance that people undertake to please the Lord. The western world, has found a lot of advantages of this practice to fast and not eat any solid food for the whole day. This leads to detoxification of body and helps clean the digestive system for a change. But the reason people do this in India, is to ‘undergo some trivial suffering’ to please the Lord. Now how has this practice changed, from the original method practiced by the saints of not consuming any food for years, this has changed to people avoiding food for a day, with certain limitations, they can eat potatoes, they can eat fruits, some specific cereals and what not. They cannot eat onions, salt, garlic and staple food. What the hell is this? Does God have some grudge against onions? Was God not the creator of onions or does he have a preference for potatoes that are ‘permitted’ during fasting?

People walk barefoot to a temple some kilometers away to ‘impress’ the Lord and convey their devotion to the ‘all-knowing’ Lord, does not the ‘all-knowing’ title grant him the knowledge of your devotion? Or does he enjoy watching you undergo pain and suffering to please him? I mean is it not kind of sick to some level? Which father would want their children to suffer so he would shower his love of them? And this is just a tip of the iceberg, the sufferings that men endure to please the Lord are endless, ranging from a comfortable fast, to whiplashing oneself, and ‘God-knows’ what not.

I fail to understand in which world or in which way does this make any sense. Would not the God be happier if man lived his life happily and enjoyed every moment of it? Would he not be happier if man treated others with love and respect rather than chant his name all day long for years? Would he rather ‘give’ Moksha to one who spends his life in a simple and serene way rather than the one who wears explosives and blows up other people who do not believe in ‘His’ Lord?

I fail to see the logic behind the religions, their teachings and their disciples. Furthermore, I fail to understand what the world sees in these religions and holy texts and scriptures. I fail to understand the lack of logic and rationality. But then again, I am just a simple man, with a simple mind, in-capable to understand the divine ways, or so they would have me believe. 😉

[This is my last post on this topic, you have seen my wrath; so now I put it back in its dungeon and return to the pro spiritual posts as usual. ;)]

Tot Kijk