God, Religion and my thoughts. Part IV

[This is the further continuation of my earlier posts, Part I, Part II and Part III. You may want to have a look at them before you go on to read this, to get the context of what I say. Also, I know, I have been blabbering on this topic for long now, but this comes after a lot of ‘pro-religious’ posts present all over my blog. :)]

God loves us, he created us so that we may live and thrive and enjoy the bounties of nature. That was his thoughts when he created man and this world. Now he seems to have a change of heart and really wants man to give up everything that there is in this world and come back to him, to merge into him.

From the beginning of time (‘Biblical-time’), man has worked towards attaining comforts and treasures. Tales of which are ample in the Bible, it is also very prevalent in the Bible, that the Lord has promised more ‘material’ gifts to man for his devotion to God. It is common in the Bible, for eg. That God says to man, ‘I shall make you the king of this land and the lands around, you shall rule the people, the livestock, the cattle, the plants, all shall be yours for eons to come’, when he was pleased with what that man did.

I mean, I have 2 thoughts; One: was this not an act of strengthening, if not inculcating, the value man held to material things and comforts for life? Two: God promised that man, one specific man, to make him the ruler and king of the land and lands around for eons to come, what about the other men, women and  children that lived in the same land (town, city, village or settlement)? What was the wrong they did for not being offered such a reward? Were they born to be ruled upon? Is this equality?

Okay, so coming back to the topic of ‘realizing’ the ‘true’ ‘temporary’ nature of this world around us, God, or rather the spiritual leaders and religions say, ‘everything here is not ours and not to stay forever, the only truth is that we are to merge into the Lord, so we need to give up all the attachment to this world, its physical pleasures, and sensory cravings’.

This is like, taking a kid to an ice-cream shop and telling him to eat his heart full of whatever he wants, and the kid thinks, let’s sample the simple flavors like vanilla and strawberry first before we move onto the delicious ones like mint-chocolate, nutty-mango-peach, frosted-choco-chips-in blueberry, etc. and as soon as he has a few licks of just the vanilla, the Lord says, ‘Enough! You evil boy, you have let your senses run astray and take over your body. You have become a slave to your desires and worldly senses. You have become attached to this temporary world which gives only temporary happiness. You are a fool to run behind ice-cream when I can offer so much more. Come back, now you have to stop all this nonsense and start meditating sitting in the ice-cream shop, so that you may overcome the desires of your uncontrolled mind. Your mind is the source of all evil, you have to control it and tune it towards me so that I may take you back. Or else, you are bound to suffer through life after life in this world, while I stand here at the door waiting for your return.’

How cool is that? If you did not want the boy to eat the ice-cream, why’d you take him to the store? Next, since you are the Lord, why’d you create the ice-cream store when you knew, that the boy would fall prey to its wondrous and tantalizing taste? Third, why’d you give the boy taste-buds which relish sweet, if you did not want him to relish anything from this world? Fourth, why’d you make him a boy, so that he would run after ice-cream. Fifth, how can you being the father of the boy, not find happiness in his happiness (which he derives from ice-cream)?

This example is just a simple one to point out certain aspects of religion. It sure looks like, God created man not to share his love with man, but rather to make him go through a tough-as-hell obstacle course before he would take him back.

Sensual pleasures are the devil’s playground, the most heinous and evil things man can engage in. Man is to remain chaste and is not to engage in ‘sexual acts’.

A lot of religions say this, look at the monks of Buddhism, the priests of Christianity or the gurus and preachers of Hinduism, a very important requisite, if not the first, is that the follower, the disciple on the spiritual path be chaste and abstinent. I have no idea where this comes from; where does it say in the Bible, ‘Thou shalt not copulate’? I find this whole idea stupid, I mean, the first few sentences of the Bible say, that man created Eve so that together Adam and Eve could populate the world and now he says that we shouldn’t have sex, or did he mean Adam and Eve were to populate the world by kissing all day and night? In Hinduism, almost all of the million-or-so Gods, have consorts; female companions which are ‘married’ to the God, and are Goddesses themselves. The Lord can do it, but he doesn’t want us to do it, quite hypocritical of him, wouldn’t you say? If not indulging in sensual pleasures was what God desired for man, why’d he make the sexes separate and did not create humans as hermaphrodites? Why did we have to undergo ‘sexual-reproduction’? I am crossing all lines while I say, if he really didn’t want us to do ‘it’, why’d he make ‘it’ so much fun? Heard about the millions of nerve endings we have in our penises and vaginas? How about the erogenous zones, talking about the Lord creating man, why’d he create the erogenous zones in the first place?

The point of the Gods being married also point out the simple and obvious, ‘created-by-man’ aspect of these spiritual tales.

If you look around, and you look at religious history of the world, you shall see ample evidence of the fact that what is good is tough, hard, painful, un-enjoyable, difficult, and pleasing to the Lord. Look at the sages and saints of earlier times, they practiced penance in the shivering colds of the Himalayas (Hinduism) for ‘Hundreds of years’, subjecting their bodies to the harsh and freezing winds of the mountains, standing on one leg, without any rest, food or water; to please the Lord. Wow, imagine, if you stand on one leg for 20 minutes, you would realize how painful it is to stand on one leg for some time. Now imagine 100 years, okay that’s impractical, but that’s what the stories say. And to add to the misery, no food, no water, and no rest. Just stand there, almost naked; for a long, long time, and why? So that the Lord, our father would take us back.

Anything which is tasty is bad for health, anything, I mean everything! Barely would you find a couple of things that your taste buds would enjoy as would your health. And this rule is not limited to the man made things, look at fruits, the optimal diet of fruits, what about the people with diabetes? And you say it is a man-made disease, well, didn’t the ‘all-knowing’ Lord see it coming? Why is it that the sweetness of sugar lasts in your mouth for a few moments while the burn of spice or bitterness last for minutes? Why is it that a kiss is so short-lived and a pinch or a slap hurts for minutes if not hours? Why is it that everything pleasurable is temporary and everything we would not want to experience long-lasting?

I can go on and on, but you get the gist.



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