God, Religions and my thoughts. Part – II

Continuing from my last post on the same topic, which can be found here, I now move on to…

Hinduism: Ramayana: Was it not Kekai, a wife of Dasharath who convinced him to make his son the king instead of the deserving heir to the throne, eldest of the brothers? Was it not her who also made Dasharath promise to send Ram to the forest for 14 years?

I mean look at history of all religions, why was it that only females were the ‘evil’ minded people who made all the wrong things take place? Why not a man? The king has hundreds on men as his advisors in his court, why did a female have to play the evil role?

That said, if you know the whole story of Ramayana, you would know that after Rama defeated Ravana and handed over the kingdom to Vibhishana, he returned home to Ayodhya (which is still considered a pious day and is celebrated in the town of Ayodhya and elsewhere, in India), after a while, he just deserted Sita into the forest. ‘God’-knows-why? He had already tested (by making her walk through fire) that she was ‘untouched’ during her stay it Ravana’s gardens, he tested that before accepting her back after killing Ravana. He just left her alone, she stayed at a saint’s Ashram and had two sons (of course by copulation with Rama, or immaculate birth maybe, whatever) who grew up at the saint’s ashram; and that’s the end of the story. Rama was crowned the king of Ayodhya, Sita lived her remaining life in an ashram and so did Rama’s sons. I mean what the hell is this? And people who are staunch believers in Lord Rama, pundits, gurus, saints, who know the epic of Ramayana by heart don’t seem to mind this at all.

Okay, more evil roles for the female: Sita was abducted by Ravana due to his lust, this led to the downfall of the great Ravana empire. Just one female made Ravana lose everything, not to mentioned got thousands of his soldiers (innocent people) killed, including his brothers and sons. So looking at the story from Ravana’s point of view, who was the source of all his troubles? A Female!

Ravana was considered to be an evil man beforehand, but was a very enlightened soul. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, who hated him for his evil doings but anyway gave him all the boons in response to his penance. Does that not sound strange to you? Ravana did penance and yet he was evil to the core. And that penance constituted of ‘hundreds’ of years of standing on one leg in the cold of the Himalayas. Now, I find it a little hard to believe, that a man who was so shallow, that he abducted a woman to satiate his lust, would have the mindset and determination to stand on one leg for a hundred years so that he may get a weapon from Lord Shiva. Also, the all-powerful and all-knowing Lord ‘had to’ grant him the boons, when he knew that he would use them for evil. I find it hard to digest.

Okay, another aspect of the story, if you look at the plot of the epic, in detail esp. the demographics, you would see that the Lanka which was the home and stronghold of Ravana is nothing but the country of Sri Lanka in today’s world. So, either the present Lankans thought naming their country after the land of birth of evil and place where evil ruled for eons (before Ramayana) was kinda cool; or the story (of Ramayana) was written after the land was called Lanka. You tell me what is more plausible.


PS. This is the second post from a set of 5 on this topic, more to come. Next one on the 28th. 🙂



8 thoughts on “God, Religions and my thoughts. Part – II

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  5. punittak says:

    Please fix the first line of this post Dasharath’s wife Kaikeyi not Devaki. Dasharath had three wives Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra.

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