God, Religions and my thoughts. Part – I

Okay, fair warning, this is going to be a critical article, in which I shall examine many of the known and accepted beliefs of religions worldwide. Please do not read further if you would be offended by ‘evil talk’ about God and religions.

[I have used the masculine pronoun throughout this article and the subsequent articles as the more prevalent form of writing instead of the more cumbersome ‘his or her’s’ and ‘him or her’. I do not intend to sound sexist in any way.]

Let’s start from the beginning:

It is said in the Bible,

God created man in his own image so that he could share his love with someone. He created man (Adam) in the garden of Eden (He created the world, the garden etc. beforehand) and told him to live happily and flourish. He then thought that man would be lonely alone, so he created Eve and together they would keep each other company and populate the world. Then he told them, not to go near this specific tree which was forbidden. That it was the source of all evil.

So why’d he have to tell them that. It’s just like telling a kid not to eat one specific candy in a candy store. We all know, that that kid may have all the candy in the world, but he would not be happy till he tastes the ‘forbidden’ candy. This is common sense; wonder why God didn’t think this way, I am sure he wasn’t naïve.

Another thought, why did God create the tree in the first place if not to entice Adam and Eve to partake from it?

While we’re thinking, even if he had to create the tree, why place it in the middle of the garden of Eden where it would be so accessible to them? He had the whole planet, why not on another continent?

It is also mentioned that the ‘evil’ serpent led Eve to the tree and convinced her that eating from it would give them/her the true realization of the world.

Does this ‘serpent’ ideology sound very ‘out-of-daily-life’ to you? I mean, when I first heard of it, I was not a kid, the first thing that came to mind was, why was it a serpent? Snakes and other reptiles are and have been very commonly feared by man since ages, the reason, they look slimy and can kill. Does this not sound like a character (the serpent) which was chosen so due to its innate ‘evil’? People from ages have feared snakes, so why not use an organism which people already despise and fear, or did people start fearing snakes and other reptiles after they did this to man? Somehow it seems to be the former than the latter to me.

Then Eve led Adam and convinced him to taste the fruit with her based on what the serpent had told her.

Isn’t this too sexist to be a part of the Genesis? I mean come on, Adam and Eve were the children of God, why would he throw the blame directly on the female? The male however, was pure and simple and was convinced/coaxed by the female into tasting the fruit. Isn’t this what the serpent did to Eve? (Hint: Serpent ->Eve -> Adam) Does this not sound like the thinking of man who since ages has blamed females for coaxing and pushing them to do things, they wouldn’t do themselves? Didn’t Barney Stinson in HIMYM say that ever international dispute can be related back to a woman? This is man ideology, and not God ideology.

Okay, let’s think about this: ‘God loves us. We all know that because that is what is told to us from birth. God has created us and we are his children, and how can a parent not love his own children?’

So why is it that God threatens us to do his will or our souls would suffer the consequences by burning in the fires of hell till the end of time?

If you think about it, a father or mother would not forsake his child for any crime that he commits what so ever. I mean a parent would still love their child if he was a suicide bomber to kill a hundred people and say that he was brainwashed or coaxed into doing that. They would still love him and would mourn his death. So how could a father, the all-loving Lord cast the souls of one of his children if he steals? (Refer: The 10 commandments). How could he cast the soul of his child, which is a part of him, the soul being a part of the soul of the Lord made to suffer ‘till the end of time’ in the fires of hell for a crime that a physical body committed?

There is a lot more to the thought process I have while writing this, this is just but the first of several more posts to come on the subject. So think about this, while I write more of what plagues my mind. 🙂



6 thoughts on “God, Religions and my thoughts. Part – I

  1. Well, you’ve the answer… God isn’t naive… so he did want someone to taste the forbidden fruit, risk into sinning…! Otherwise the world would be too perfect. And boring!!!!
    I’m a believer in the evolution theory. But if you are talking about God being parents, and parents being all nice to children, consider… parents also punish their children but not take it too fatal. I kinda firmly believe, God didn’t create us… it was the Big Bang! But funnily, we created God! Just so that there is something to look up to.
    Also, the bible was written by a man, just like the various old Hindu scriptures. They were written when the world was in chaos. To create order, they created God (a concept), all they wanted was that we, all abstain from bad things, and as a reinforcing agent, added hell and heaven (concepts again). Its like telling a kid you be good, I’ll buy you a candy… you be bad, I will beat you up!!

    Disclaimer: My musings are purely subjective. 😛

    • Very rightly said. I agree with all that you have said. 🙂

      I have also instigated on the requirement of ‘God’ and the need in society in one of my earlier posts ‘Prayer and meditation’.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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