Award is something which is conferred upon someone in recognition of their great work. I have not looked up the definition, but this is what came to my mind. 😀

We as human beings desire attention and appreciation; we are social animals, as it is always said, being picked out of a the plural and honored for anything that we have done, gives us the necessary energy to do it even better. Motivation drives humans, in every form, in every field. My apologies, these facts are not limited to humans, works on animals as well. Every field that you look upon has a way to award its associates in some way or the other. In work, the award comes as a promotion or as an increment in salary. In the classroom, the responsibility/award of being the in-charge says it all. Heck, the joy one gets from the kind words of an elderly person whom you just helped to cross the road, makes you smile. Even if that is not what you did it for, you did it as an act of humanity and kindness; but those words are like the cherry on the Ice-Cream.

 A few kind and praising words can do wonders. It is a known fact that polite words can make one do things which a ‘stick’ cannot. Such is the importance of awards. Awards may not always be physical, words, actions; sometimes even a smile can motivate one to go a step further.

 I decided to write this article when I was nominated for a blogging award, ‘The Versatile Blogger’, by a fellow blogger and dear friend of mine. Frankly, before today, I did not even know that bloggers confer and have awards amongst themselves. It felt wonderful. My blog is not a revolutionary blog, I started it just to share my views and the tagline of my blog is the same since its inception. My blog is not famous in the blogging world; not many people visit it, but the objective of me writing this was to share my thoughts and feelings. I had started with the theme as pure science, as I am a very scientific person, science-buff, one might say. It has changed course, but if you look carefully, most of the posts-which are not many- do have science present in them in a subtle fashion. My aim was to spread the knowledge which I have and am gathering to others.

 I do not have an agenda for this article, which I do for most of mine, so this one’s gonna be a little haywire. What I am trying to communicate here in this article is the satisfaction and happiness that i have received by being nominated for a Blogging Award.

 My only thought which I wish to share is, “Kind words, words of Appreciation don’t cost you anything; yet they may make someone else’s day. So speak kind words, appreciate the smallest of things others do right and spread happiness. It definitely comes back to you.”



4 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Nandini says:

    I loved the quote. Thanks for sharing.

    And a nicely written post.

  2. pix & kardz says:

    a great post. what you say about kind words reminds me of one of my favourite aunts. no matter where she goes, people like her. she is 87 years old, but does not look her age. and she always enjoys meeting new people. so whether it is a new neighbour, or the cashier at the store, or wherever she goes, she always shares a smile. and true enough, it does not cost anything, but it makes even a business transaction a pleasant experience.
    so congratulations on your award, and thank you for sharing your happiness. and welcome on the wordpress side!

  3. Thank you for sharing that, and for the kind words… I am glad you liked the post.. 🙂

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